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The Need

"I have faced hunger, abusive relationships, and setbacks in school, mental and physical illness.... I got my own apartment. My safe place to succeed and fail on my own accord."

- Young adult in Extended Foster Care 

The youth we work with are incredibly resilient, but most have experienced trauma in their lives and often age out of foster care without strong support networks. This frequently leaves young adults homeless and without the basics all young people need to start a healthy, successful journey into adulthood.

Safe housing is essential for those aging out of foster care.

Housing needs
local foster youth need housing

Every year, over 100 foster youth in Hennepin County need transition help to avoid becoming homeless the day they turn 18.

Stability is vital
of foster youth experience homelesness

Over 50% of Minnesota's foster youth will experience homelessness in their lifetime.

Our tight rental market increases the need for help.


97% Occupancy

97% of apartments are already occupied. The Twin CIties Metro is facing vacancy rates from 2.8%-3.4%.

Preventing homelessness now makes a world of difference later.

The long-term impact of homelessness
of nation's homeless youth go on to need social services

Preventing homelessness for our young people also prevents future participation in social welfare systems such as child welfare,  criminal justice, or long-term homeless support.